Is BHA A Good Fit?

Is Benton Hall Academy a Good Fit for Your Child?

If your answer is “yes” to several of these questions, Benton Hall Academy may be a good
academic and social fit for your non-traditional learner.

Does your child:

  • Have difficulty with reading and writing?
  • Have difficulty with math?
  • Have difficulty knowing where to begin with homework assignments?
  • Have poor organization?
  • Get frustrated easily?
  • Lack motivation?
  • Have poor motor skills?
  • Get “lost in the shuffle?”
  • Have memory/retention problems?
  • Seem overly stressed and anxious regarding school?
  • Have problems with receptive/expressive language?
  • Have difficulty working independently?
  • Seem easily distracted?
  • Appear to be a perfectionist?
  • Struggle with time limits?
  • Have difficulty socially at school?
  • Test poorly even after excessively studying?
  • Have difficulty copying assignments correctly off the board?
  • Get confused with directions?
  • Feel unloved and unaccepted at school?
  • Have an inappropriate or inaccurate perception of his/her own performance?
  • Prefer small classrooms?
  • Take longer to make friends?
  • Complain about hating school?
  • Struggle with getting up in the morning and getting to school on time?
  • Tune-out in class?
  • Seem more immature than his/her peers?
  • Seem to be on the outside looking in socially?
  • Do well with schoolwork, but poorly on tests?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Would you describe your child as “marching to the beat of a different drummer?”
  2. Does your child complain about feeling misunderstood, or different from everybody else?
  3. Is tension over your child’s academic performance or behavior in school causing problems at home?
  4. Are you concerned that your child will have difficulty finding real-world success?
  5. Do you think your child is at risk for quitting school?