Head of School Annual Give Letter


Dear Benton Hall Family and Friends,

This holiday season I am writing to ask you to join the Benton Hall Academy’s Board of Directors, staff, alumni and friends in our Annual Giving drive. Your gift will enable Benton Hall to continue to provide its excellent program to well-deserving students.

I wish that we could rest on our past success and say that we are in a place where the future of our school is secure.  However, that is not where we find ourselves today. We have an urgent, unmet need for funding. Our current landlord recently notified us that we will lose our lease at the end of this school year, May 2016.   This leaves our children in a precarious situation and the future of our school is dependent on the generosity of our community of supporters.

We are thankful the students continue to grow and develop under Benton Hall Academy’s strong commitment to individualized instruction.  Administered by highly skilled and caring teachers, the entire Benton Hall Academy’s staff is dedicated to forming well-rounded individuals by providing them with a loving environment conducive to learning.

We urgently need additional funding to pay for a new facility and the cost of moving.  We’ve been very fortunate to have the generosity of the church where we currently reside; they have allowed us to rent their space well below the market value. However, they have need of the space and a move for Benton Hall Academy is now imminent.

It is with these great, unmet needs in mind that we once again ask for your generous support.  This is a time of great opportunity, but also a time of great need.

Thank you, in advance, for helping the children of BHA in a big way. We could not do what we are doing without you. All donations are tax deductible and Benton Hall Academy will provide a tax receipt for your contribution. I invite you to visit our web-site or call me directly if you have any questions.



James Purcell Head of School

Benton Hall Academy